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CNV Workshop is a web-enabled platform for analyzing genome variation such as copy number variation (CNV). Learn about CNV Workshop in our associated BMC Bioinformatics manuscript:


  • Compute CNV calls using a high-quality published algorithm, on or off a cluster
  • Publish/view CNV calls via a sophisticated web application
  • Visualize your CNVs in GBrowse and UCSC genome browser
  • Support multiple labs/groups via user and group membership
  • Download in XLS, CSV, XML, BED, and PDF format
  • View GAD phenotype, DGV CNV, and gene annotation
  • Compare your CNVs against the CHOP normals data set (healthy controls)
  • View hyperdiploidy/LOH reports
  • Link out to FABLE, Entrez, Entrez Gene, GAD, DGV, UCSC

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