Data Express

Data Express

It’s not always easy to quickly move data between two different relational database platforms. Whether you need to copy a single table or the results of an intricate query, DataExpress can make the process simple. Out of the box, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite.

SQL All the Way

The best DSL for interacting with relational database tables is SQL. DataExpress embraces SQL instead of hiding queries behind an ORM or yet another language you have to learn. It uses SQL for things that work best with SQL and Scala for things that work best with Scala.

Built for Programmers

There are plenty of GUI-based ETL tools that let you move and manipulate data across databases. However, if you’re the sort of person who finds it easier to whip up a quick Perl, Python, or Ruby script to get the job done, DataExpress was made for you. Thanks to Scala’s scripting capabilities and a custom domain specific language (DSL), DataExpress is well suited for quick scripts and easy experimentation.

Minimal Configuration

Sensible defaults combined with extensive use of database metadata means you won’t waste time describing database tables in XML or writing a bunch of code describing things that can be easily inferred from the database itself. Of course, if you need to override a setting or otherwise get under the hood, you can do that too.

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